Trio OE - PRO

Includes 5 items in total, please see details below:


Café de Olla

- 1 package of 8oz (227 grs)

- Ground coffee mixed with spices (cinnamon, clove, ginger and orange).


Mezcal Infused *Non alcoholic

- 1 package of 8oz (227 grs)

- Ground coffee mixed with spices (cinnamon, clove, ginger and orange) infused in Mezcal. 


Piloncillo Syrup

- 1 package of 12oz (355 ml)

- Traditional mexican unprocessed brown sugar. It is typically sold in large, hard cone-shaped pieces that can be difficult to use, but this piloncillo is a syrup – ready to use as you would conventional liquid sugar.


Coffee Scoop
- 1 piece of a coffee measuring spoon with bag clip. 
- Rose gold color, easy to clean.


OE Mug
- 1 piece of a coffee mug with reusable plastic.
- Keeps drinks hot or cold.
- The lid design helps prevent leaks and spills.
- Holds 14-ounces.


All our products are:

- Handcrafted using traditional methods.

- 100% natural, cultivated in an artisanal way.

- No-OMG, no artificial preservatives, no additives, never processed with chemicals. Vegan, gluten free.

- Coffee beans from Chiapas, Mexico. The mezcal using on our "Mezcal Infused" product, is from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Trio OE - PRO

  • 1. Use 1 tablespoon of coffee per water cup.
    2. Pour water and add coffee to your coffee maker.
    3. Sip a moment and enjoy your day.!
    4. Add piloncillo (syrup or granulated) to sweeten.

  • - If the item that arrived is damaged or defective you can Contact Us.

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